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Suzy Wilkoff

Suzy Wilkoff

Are you overworked, unproductive, disorganized? If so, you are not alone. Juggling work and personal responsibilities can be challenging. Occasionally a career (or life) transition turns the normal into the overwhelming.

It is critical to keep things under control. In addition to paper management, there is the challenge of making time to do everything we want to accomplish. We all have the same twenty-four hours each day. How we choose to use them is important to maintenance of a good work-life balance.

Most of us were not taught organizing and time management skills at home or in school. For those who don’t have these skills naturally, it can be daunting. Bringing in a professional is often recommended.

When I began Tasks Unlimited, my goal was to assist individuals and companies be more productive. I have found that each client is unique. After reviewing work habits and analyzing goals, I develop a plan to implement better strategies and effective habits. The process is collaborative, so that the transition is smooth and skills are transferred.

I believe that time and task management go hand-in-hand. Often a client will think they are disorganized, when in fact, they are simply having difficulties prioritizing.

From prior careers in the corporate world, I bring a wealth of experience and take pride in my communication skills and attention to detail. I hold my clients accountable, which encourages them to reach greater heights.

GoetheMany of my clients have stated that they value my non-judgmental attitude. My passion for assisting others who are striving to be better has enabled me to develop successful working relationships.

Tasks Unlimited Services

Professional Organizing

  • Design and organize new filing systems
  • Analyze existing filing systems and redesign as appropriate
  • Consult on paper management, paper flow and elimination of paper clutter

Time Management and Productivity

  • Provide assistance with goal setting and scheduling
  • Draft ‘to do lists’ and checklists as appropriate
  • Assist with strategic planning
  • Review practices and provide guidance related to delegation of tasks, procrastination and prioritization

Business Consulting

  • Mentor budding entrepreneurs
  • Draft business plans
  • Assist with resume writing
  • Screen resumes